Year 6 to Year 7 Transition:

At Wokingham Campus we are committed to providing the best transition possible for all of our new Year 7 students.

We actively try to ensure that students are familiar with our staff and school before they start here and that from their first day they are proud to be part of our community. To support the Transition process we have our Deputy Head, Ms Martin who works closely with the primary schools and has become a specialist in the transition process.


Here is an example of our planned Transition Programme to our Secondary School.



Welcome Letter and key information (End of March)

A welcome letter and key information about Chiltern Way Academy-Wokingham Campus will be sent to all students who will be joining us in September 2021

Annual Review meetings (September to May)

Ms Martin and/or Mr Easton will be invited to attend Annual/Person Centred Reviews to talk about Wokingham Campus and answer any questions teachers, parents or carers may have.

Parent or Carers and Student Tours to Wokingham Campus  (Jan to June)

Parents or carers and Year 6 Students are invited to visit Wokingham Campus where we share information about the school and there is an opportunity for have a tour of the campus with the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo

Deputy Head teacher visits all students at their Primary School  (April – May)

Ms Martin visits every student in their primary school and talks to them about the Wokingham Campus what they can expect when they start.

Ms Martin will also talk to relevant staff about the needs of each student joining us.

Deputy Head teacher meets Parent(s) or Carer(s) of Year 6 students (April – May)

Ms Martin visits or speaks to parents or carers of new students. This allows us to learn more about each student including their likes, dislikes, hobbies and family members.

Transition Day – June

Students will meet other students who will be in their form. They will spend time getting to know each other by participating in various team building exercises, as well as participating in a treasure hunt activity where they get to know the buildings. Transition students will also have an opportunity to experience some lessons with other Secondary Phase teachers