Armed Forces

armedWelcome to Armed Forces Class! 

We are taught by Mr Anderson and Mrs Padbury and helped by Miss Neil.   We are a mixture of Year 5 and 6 students, so our teachers make sure that we are all learning what we need to. 

So far this year we have learnt about superheroes and are currently studying the topic muck, mess and mixtures. Last term, we enjoyed our superhero morning which included our superheroes, in school made capes and masks, investigated a mysterious substance and completed a puzzling trail.  We also had a fun Halloween afternoon with traditional party games, guessing of mysterious substances and pumpkin carving.  Armed forces had an energetic afternoon participating in the bounce sports afternoon, organised by the Athletes Class.

Because our class name is Armed Forces, we are learning about the  Army, Navy and Royal Airforce.

This includes learning about the wide variety of careers within the Armed Forces, ranging from catering to mechanics,  communications to logistics.  

Armed forces will also be learning a variety of key Armed Forces life skills including first aid skills,  shoe shining and the correct folding of our clothes.