Turning Futures Around



In order to successfully transition children from primary school to secondary school, they will spend the first 2 years of their time at Wendover in the transition model. Students in year 7 and 8 have their own building, Manor View, where they will have a class base. They will have a form tutor who will also teach them for maths, English, PSHE and food lessons, which is currently 14/24 lessons a week. The other lessons such as science, PE and construction will be taught by specialist teachers in the other areas of the school. Year 7 students also have their own playground for the first year.

Most of our transition teachers have been primary trained and/or had experience of working with primary age children.

Please take a look at the class pages below to see what our transition students have been doing recently:





When students are in Year 6, the transition lead for Wendover will arrange a series of events and visits to support children with the move. These might include:

  •  Home visit to meet parents/carers and give the chance to talk about their child, their needs and what we can do make the transition successful
  • School visit to speak with the staff working with your child and learn more about what strategies work for them
  • Transition days in July where students visit for some days to meet their new teacher and class and to become familiar with the school
  • Transition BBQ, a social event to make new friends and allow parents the opportunity to meet school staff
  • Chiltern Way staff attend the child’s annual review where possible


If you have any other questions regarding the transition process or transition model, please contact Lee Beagle, Assistant Head at lbeagle@chilternway.org