Parent/Carer Info:


Parents Evenings:


Face to face parents evening was unable to happen this year due to the covid-19 restrictions, and instead parents were invited to spend 15 minutes speaking to their child’s form tutor using Teams. Parents were also provided with a written report for each subject. We hope to resume face to face parents’ evenings in time for the scheduled evening of 20th May 2021.


We welcome feedback from parents and have included some comments from previous parents’ evenings below:


  • 94% of our parents find the service we provide to be helpful
  • 92% of our parents believe that their child’s individual education and care needs are met
  • 92% of our parents feel that our input, benefits their child’s: education, behaviour and life opportunities.
  • 92% of our parents believe that their child’s individual education and care needs are met
  • 91% of our parents feel that their child’s behaviour is dealt with effectively
  • 89% of our parents feel that we make regular contact
  • 87% of our parents believe they receive adequate support and understand the purpose of the support we provide



Home School Agreement:


A copy of the home school agreement can be found here: Home school agreement



Parent Conduct Policy:


A copy of the parent conduct policy can be found here: Parent conduct policy



If your child needs to take medication during the school day, then please click on the link here to find the relevant form and return to the school along with the medication. No mediation can be administered without completing and returning this form.


Our main considerations when snow is forecast or falling unexpectedly are:

  • The ability of the taxi to transport your child to and from school safely
  • The safety of the school site
  • Reduced and unsafe staffing numbers due to treacherous conditions


The school will monitor the forecast closely and take advice from the Local Authority.

If disruptive snow is forecast the school will follow this procedure:

  • We will contact you via text message, at the earliest opportunity, to inform you of closure. (Snow forecasts are not always reliable; the school will do its best to stay open given that the safety of the young people is our absolute priority).
  • The school will post its status on the school closures page of the Buckinghamshire Council website
  • Local radio stations will broadcast closure details.
  • The school will text parents during the closure day to update them
  • If disruptive snow falls during the school day the school will follow this procedure:
  • The school will contact parents and inform you that the school is closing.
  • Taxis will be arranged, and our young people will be transported home.
  • The school will post its status on the school closures page on the Buckinghamshire Council School website, and on our own website.
  • The school will update parents the same day regarding ‘safe opening’ the following day.


Non-uniform days:

From time to time we will hold non-uniform (MUFTI) days to raise money for charity. You will always be sent a text message from the school to let you know when it is and any other important information.

Students can wear their own clothes but are reminded that they must be appropriate. Please see the uniform page on the website for more information on what clothing is not deemed appropriate.