Welcome to 8MW! Our form tutor is Miss Warland, but we are taught by many other teachers, including Miss Forsyth, Miss Inglis, Mr Meddeman, Mr Olson, Mr Spence, and Mr Everitt.

Miss Warland teaches us English, PSHE, and catering. In English we studied British Values and read the book ‘Wonder’ together. This unit helped us understand how to show tolerance towards others who may be different from us. This term, we are stranded on a deserted island! We are writing to describe our experiences on the island (and convince others to join us!) In catering, we are learning to be pastry chefs. Ask us about the fantastic dishes we have made!

We pride ourselves in being a kind class, and we show respect to ourselves and others throughout the day. We take care to consider how others may feel, and work together with Miss Warland to support our classmates if they are struggling. We think that we are a very funny and silly class too, and we always manage to find the humour in things.

We also boast more students on Champions League than in any other form in the transition department!

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