“Chiltern Way Academy is committed to integrating Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy into its curriculum as part of its School Improvement Plan.

Our expanding team of therapists, work alongside classroom staff to improve and support students’ progress and participation in learning. 

The Speech and Language Therapy service at Chiltern Way Academy works to provide a positive communication environment across the school and to improve and support students’ individual speech, language and communication skills.
The purpose of Occupational Therapy is to develop the functional independence (self care and life skills) of students and to assist in regulating their sensory environment. 

The therapy service is delivered in a variety of ways as determined by the needs of each individual student. This may include:

  • Individual, paired work or small group work outside the classroom.


  • Partnered teaching with class groups to learn social, emotional            and relationship skills; fine and gross motor skills and sensory regulation activities.


  • Advice and resources to facilitate students’ access to the curriculum.


  • Running and attending an in-house training programme with the teaching and support staff.”