New Outreach Programme  

In an exciting new venture Chiltern Way Academy, RNIB and The Eden Academy have joined forces to provide high quality special needs training.


Behaviour management is easy


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Core Purpose

To allow schools to create a calm orderly environment where both staff and students thrive and progress.


Facilitators:  John Twining and Ben Lewis

John Twining is Head of Technology at CWA.  He is a highly skilled behaviour Management Trainer and Teacher.

John has a wide range of leadership and behaviour outreach experience in both the public and private sector.

In school he heads up the Post 16 provision and vocational subjects across the CWA.


Ben Lewis is the Lead Behaviour Manager at Prestwood Campus. He is a highly skilled behaviour management trainer and a General Services Tutor. Ben has achieved Bild accreditation for the Academy.

This is an evidence based process of external validation of the quality of physical intervention training programs delivered to the health, social care and education sectors.


All of our facilitators and trainers are practicing behaviour managers.


Aims of the course

  • Understand the causes of behaviour
  • Explore the manifestations of behaviour
  • Change you to change them
  • Learn how to manage and improve student behaviour


Course Outline

  • Behaviour: nature or nurture?  ‘Discuss!’
  • Environmental impact.  ‘Classroom, school, home, peers ….’
  • Recognising behaviour; understanding triggers and motivations. ‘Is that normal?’  What is going to happen next?’ ‘Is it my fault?’
  • Learn how to manage yourself and model behaviour.  ‘The first person that needs to calm down is me!’
  • Proactive behaviour management strategies.  ‘Wow, this really works!’
  • Boundaries and routines.  ‘Where is their line?’  ‘Where is your line?’ 
  • Behaviour interventions.  ‘When do I intervene?’ ‘They need to own their own behaviour, don’t they?’
  • Managing confrontation. ‘What did the conflict curve say again?’
  • Sanction and reward.  ‘Positive or negative reinforcement?’


We have experience of successfully speaking, training and supporting across primary schools, upper schools (secondary and grammar), pupil referral units, health/care settings and international policy makers.



Please contact the school.



Chiltern Way Academy, Wendover Campus, Church Lane, Wendover, Buckinghamshire HP22 6NL


Who should attend

Recommended for teachers and support staff who work in the primary and secondary sector, PRUs and FE colleges.



£150 per delegate (excluding VAT)


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