Prestwood was inspected in January 2014. The overall judgement was Good; Behaviour and Safety received an Outstanding judgement.

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"Students make excellent progress in learning to manage their own behaviour. They learn to take responsibility for their own actions and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is sometimes outstanding."

"Students’ development of personal and social skills is excellent. They learn to manage challenging situations effectively and this is a major contributor to their achievement."

"The school’s leaders have high expectations of staff and students and the drive and determination to bring about improvements. They have secured a good quality of teaching, managing staff changes effectively."



Wendover was inspected in March 2014. The overall judgement was Good.

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"The quality of education has rapidly improved under the strong leadership of the federation Principal and the head of campus. Leaders are determined for the school to become outstanding, and demonstrate good capacity to achieve this."

"The safety of students is a priority for the school. Good policies and procedures are in place to support and achieve this."

"The school has high expectations for all students. Challenging goals are set, aimed to get the best from every individual. When progress is less than expected, action is taken quickly to address this."