Chiltern Way believes that technology, when used appropriately, can dramatically improve outcomes. We are enormous fans and we are developing accordingly! Given this, it is crucial that we address the issues that relate to young peoples’ use of technology. The internet and mobile devices have become integral to the social and educational lives of young people. It is imperative that we work to equip young people with the skills to navigate this environment safely and responsibly.

Network Software

In order to keep our young people safe the school has adopted a high level filtering service from our service provider, in addition to this we have installed internet monitoring software.

Mobile Phones and other Internet Ready Devices

Mobile phones and other internet ready devices are not permitted at Chiltern Way. Students may hand them in at the beginning of the school day and have them returned at the end.


E-safety is addressed through the curriculum.

School Policy

Students who behave unsafely with regards to the internet, email and mobile devices will be managed in line with school policy.