Trip to Barcelona in Spain


Culture Cuisine and History

For 5 pupils from Wendover Campus (and Mr Regan and Ms Rouco) culture, cuisine and history formed the core of a wonderful trip to Barcelona in April 2016. As well as the obvious cultural benefits of an experience like this, pupils also got the opportunity to enhance their social skills-often having to step well outside of their comfort zones when navigating life abroad and coping with differences in language, food and environment to name just a few.



Museums, Architecture and Tapas

Students spent a wonderful four days visiting museums and examining the architecture in the beautiful, narrow and winding streets of Barcelona. They also took the plunge and sampled different types of tapas, comparing it to the food they mainly eat at home and even thinking about how they could incorporate some of the new tastes, textures and flavours into their Food technology lessons back at school.


 Sea food

Barcelona - Las Ramblas, Gothic Quarter, statue of Columbus and the Maritime Port.  

The sights of central Barcelona such as Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter, the statue of Columbus and the maritime port formed the central part of the jam packed visit, with pupils stopping for various ‘rest’ breaks to try out yet more of the local cuisine! On the second day, they were also lucky enough to visit ‘Camp Nou’ the home of Barcelona’s famous football club and take a tour around the museum, press room and VIP area. For a brief moment even Mr Regan was able to imagine himself leading the life of a first class athlete, walking out on to the pitch of a premiere sports arena to score for arguably one of the best teams in the world. However, a game of football on the beach at the end of the day had to suffice instead!


La Sagrada Familia, El Parc Guell, Camp Nou, the Barcelona football club stadium

One of the most interesting experiences of the trip was the visit to a Spanish school: Institut Moises Broggi, where pupils took a tour of the facilities and met members of staff. This enabled pupils to see first-hand how education systems differ between countries and they were able to maturely reflect on what they felt were the pros and cons of both approaches to teaching and learning.


Played football on the beach

Finally, after an extremely action filled few days, the students returned to La Sagrada Familia, one of Barcelona’s most famous monuments to consider the magnitude of Gaudi’s one of a kind distinctive architectural feat.



Spanish School and Gaudi

All in all the trip was a huge success and pupils were an absolute credit to the school, managing the different facets of their visit with enthusiasm, maturity and confidence.