Ms Andrews receiving her nomination

at Buckingham Palace

Burnet News Club is run by the Economist Educational foundation, a charitable foundation set up by Sir Alistair Burnet to provide high quality educational resources to inspire disadvantaged children to learn about the news and current affairs.

They focus on the 5 core skills of Curiosity, Scepticism, Logic, Storytelling and Negotiation and the skills are built up through a series of current affairs topics. Each half term provides a new topic to study. Every issue a school is awarded "thought leader" and there is a weekly "curiosity corner" competition. ​Chiltern Way Academy has won this in the last issue, plus had 3 comments selected to be discussed by the expert contributors. Nationally we’re the only SEND school in the club.

In January the students attended an immersive theatre production in London for the topic "Prisons and the justice system". They were asked to use the 5 key skills throughout a series of workshops, to make a decision about a young prisoner's future. Our students performed magnificently!

Every year they host an awards ceremony at Buckingham Palace to recognise exceptional contribution to the club. Sarah Andrews, who teaches at Chiltern Way Academy was one of four teachers shortlisted for the outstanding teacher award, and went to Buckingham Palace on 27th June for the awards ceremony.