Trades - Class


Welcome to Trades!  We are taught by Mr Shefras and helped by Ms Knight.  We are a mixture of Year 4 and 5 children, so Mr Shefras makes sure that we are learning what we need to! 

Throughout the year we learn about Oceans, Romans, America and the Human Body.  We are hoping to have trips to the Zoo, Roman Museum and Harry Potter World.  Our parents and carers are invited in throughout the year to take part in an art exhibition, an American themed afternoon and a class concert.

Throughout the day we have breaks so that we can concentrate on our learning.  These include art, lego building, swing room, board games, play-dough and sensory time with shaving foam.

Because our class name is Trades, Mr Shefras will be teaching us about what this means and the jobs that are included.  Throughout the year we go on a trip to B&Q and speak to people such as painters and builders to find out what skills they have.



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