Retail - Class


Welcome to Retail!  We are taught by Miss James and helped by Miss Robertson and Miss Wilce.  We are a mixture of Year 3 and 4 students, so Miss James makes sure that we are all learning what we need to.  Throughout the year we learn about the Greeks, Oceans, USA and The Human Body!  We are hoping to have trips to the Zoo, Harry Potter World and Roman Museum.  Our parents and carers are invited in throughout the year to take part in a Science experiment, Gladiator School and Art afternoon.

Miss James loves English so always chooses exciting books for us to read and we enjoy earning rewards when we read at school.

Because our class name is Retail, we will learn about what skills are required to work in this area, and we make sure that we go to the shops whenever more prizes are needed!  As a class we also work really hard to earn our class rewards; last year we worked towards bowling, film afternoons and a non-uniform day.  




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