Curriculum - Reading

At our Bierton Campus, reading is a vital part of our school day. Every class has 4 student led reading sessions a week, where they read with an adult at least two times a week and read independently in the other sessions. Students also have the opportunity to hear an adult read a class book to them 4 times a week. These sessions are important for the students to foster a love of stories and be exposed to books that they may not be able to access on their own.

Assessment of Reading:

Students are assessed using Accelerated Reader, which gives them a reading age and tests their understanding of books that they have read. Once students have moved on from reading our phonics books, they take a comprehension test on Accelerated Reader after each book they read. This means that teachers can assess the student’s understanding, and students can progress slowly to more challenging books.

Promoting Reading in School:

We encourage all parents or carers to read at home with their children, whether this be reading them a bedtime story or hearing them read. Not only does this mean they practice their reading and could make quicker progress, it also means that they start to recognise reading is not just something that they’re made to do in school; it can also be a form of entertainment or help them calm down! If you would like any books sent home to read to your child, please ask their class teacher and they will be happy to help.

Teachers encourage students to read in and out of school by offering them dojo points, creating interactive displays and creating a ‘reading buddies’ system where Year 6 students read with younger students to boost confidence.


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