Public Services - Class


Welcome to Public Services Class! We are taught by Miss Comer and helped by Ms Beatty. We are a mixture of Year 3, 4 and 5 children, so Miss Comer makes sure that we are learning what we need to! Throughout the year we study a different topic each half term, including Predators, Urban Art and Earthquakes.

We are hoping to visit the Zoo, a Castle, Aylesbury Town Centre and Aston Clinton Park.  Through our life skills curriculum we will also be visiting The Bucks Goat Centre each week for one half term to learn about how to take care of animals.   

Everyone in our class has different interests that change quite often so Miss Comer tries to link our learning or calming down activities to those interests. We have calming down activities often throughout the day so that we can concentrate on our learning. Our parents and carers are invited throughout the year to take part in junk modelling, cooking, an art afternoon and many other fun activities!

Because our class name is Public Services, we have learnt about fire stations, police (we even had a visit from a police van) and other people that help us. 



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