Hospitality - Class


Welcome to Hospitality!  We are taught by Miss Philp and helped by Mrs James and Mr Badea.  We are a mixture of Year 4,5 and 6 children, so Miss Philp makes sure that we are learning what we need to!  Throughout the year we learn about Oceans, the Romans, the Human Body and America.  We are hoping to go on trips to the Zoo, Roman Museum, Harry Potter World and to plane spotting!  We also have the opportunity to visit the climbing centre once per half term as a reward.  

In class, Miss Philp likes to make our learning fun by letting us write on different surfaces, use shaving foam in phonics lessons and even bowling in phonics!  We need lots of breaks in our learning and Miss Philp is well known for having cupboards full of puzzles and logic games for us to use in between lessons.

Because our class name is Hospitality, Miss Philp has been teaching us about what this means and the jobs that are included.  Hopefully we will be able to show some good hospitality to parents and carers this year when they come to visit!



Miss Philp IMG 7228