Entrepreneurs - Class


Welcome to Entrepreneurs!  We are taught by Miss Mastromarco and helped by Mrs Harris.  We are Year 5 and 6 students, so Miss Mastromarco makes sure she teaches everyone what they need to know.  Throughout the year we learn about Egyptians, Space, Tudors and Rollercoasters.  We are hoping to have trips to the Zoo, Legoland and will have a Planetarium visit!  Our parents and carers are invited throughout the year to take part in a rocket launch, a garden party and to see a play.

Miss Mastromarco helps us to regulate during our learning by having a 'Calm Corner' in class that has lots of fidget toys, calming lights and other equipment that will help keep us regulated and in the right zone to complete learning.

Because our class name is Entrepreneurs, Miss Mastromarco has been teaching us what that means!  We will learn about famous Entrepreneurs and the skills that they have. We will also have a go at being Entrepreneurs ourselves.





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