Student Success



Student A's home life was in turmoil and his father was drinking heavily. This combined with his ADHD medication changes resulted in deterioration in his behaviour. He became more challenging to staff and students and refused to carry out tasks / requests which previously would not have caused concern. He became controversial during conversations with staff and there was an increase in exits from class. Work with home and multi-agency professionals resulted in turning round the behaviour. This student made phenomenal academic progress in year 11, resulting in him achieving 4 levels of progress during his time at school (national mainstream average is 3). He continues to do well at his college placement.

Student B was the first female student to join the federation. She joined in year 11 with the expectation from others of not achieving any GCSE's. In the summer of 2015 she achieved 6 GCSE'S including English and Science and has remained at the federation to continue her studies. Along with her academic successes there have also been phenomenal successes regarding her social, communication and life skills. These have been achieved through key working and 1-2-1 sessions with staff, including both on site and off site experiences and opportunities.

 Staff at the federation have the drive, passion and determination to go above and beyond in order to see the young people achieve their full potential and help them recognise it. The students are able to have a curriculum that can be individualised to adapt and meet their strengths alongside their core subjects.