The staff has been recruited from a wide range of backgrounds and bring a variety of skills that reflect this. We work very hard to recruit the ‘right’ type of people; people who are committed to getting the very best for our young people; people who understand the challenges of the job and are resilient enough to meet those challenges; people who have the appropriate expertise for our setting.

Our staff team is the bedrock of our success.




Some of the people who work for us:

Gary Regan (Head of Wendover Campus)        Gary Regan

Academic background

  • Business Studies degree
  • PGCE primary education
  • NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship)
  • SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Previous employment

Before this, I worked in the City. I didn’t really have a plan and felt like I was living Ground Hog Day. It felt bland, and all I had to look forward to was more of the same in corporate middle management. 

Route to Chiltern Way Academy

I read an advert in the Metro asking for people to work in a psychiatric unit for children: change people’s lives, no experience necessary. I went for the job, got it, loved it and never looked back. I also worked on a summer camp in upstate New York for two summers, with children and adults with severe mental and physical health issues. I enjoyed this work but wanted more money, so I studied for my PGCE. I became a primary school teacher in West London after qualifying, but wanted something a bit more challenging so applied for a job as a teacher in Chiltern Way Academy.

What has Chiltern Way Academy done for you?

Working here is completely different. It’s fun and exciting. I know I am doing something with my life that is genuinely meaningful.

Have I actually made a difference?

Well, I think I must have, since I’ve moved up quite rapidly within the organisation. Over the six years I’ve been here, I feel I’ve played my part in the huge success of the school. And I must take the blame for introducing the annual pantomime as well!  I couldn’t work anywhere else now. The people here are so professional and supportive. We share the same dedication to keeping the children at the forefront of every decision we make.

Plus it definitely makes you the most interesting person at a dinner party! Everyone wants to do what we do, but they are afraid and don’t think they can.


Wayne Bridge (Lead Behaviour Manager)

Academic background

  • CSE and O Level, City and Guilds (science foundation)
  • Completed NVQ4 in Management and NVQ3 in Childcare and Parenting at Prestwood.

Previous employment

I was a milkman, but it was a dying trade.

Route to Chiltern Way Academy

My Mum worked at Prestwood Campus and I volunteered to run the football team. The Headteacher encouraged me to apply for a house parent job and I’ve never looked back.

What has Chiltern Way Academy done for you?

It has given me confidence that I never had before; I have a better outlook on life and face things much easier. I still doubt myself and want to do more, but I believe I am making a difference. Chiltern Way Academy is my home, it has given me stability. I am enjoying working here – there’s nothing I would rather do.   I would recommend working here to anyone: the rewards are phenomenal; it’s amazing what you get out of it. Great team and best leadership team I’ve worked with in my life.

You have to work here to appreciate what it’s really like.