Prestwood Campus

Head of Campus - Ian McCaul

The Prestwood Campus is a recently refurbished, specialised, modern, well equipped school standing in five acres of parkland on the edge of the village of Prestwood. It is approximately 6 miles from Wendover Campus, 11 miles from Aylesbury, and 5 miles from High Wycombe.



This is the only surviving photograph of the family home that stood on the site in the 19th Century.

The house sat in formal gardens featuring specimen plants and trees. The building and gardens have not survived but the grounds do contain many mature trees and grass land today.


The school provides innovative and bespoke education, care and therapy for up to 45 young people. Above and beyond our specialist teaching areas there are onsite facilities including a sports hall, fitness suite, astro turf play area, football pitches, vocational classrooms, residential wing, cinema room and games room.



A strong team of teachers and support staff educate our young people in a safe and orderly fashion through a broad and balanced personalised curriculum. It is designed around the needs of the young person and is intended not only to give the students the qualifications and skills they need but also to build confidence and independence necessary for successful living. New pupils are assessed on entry. Specific programmes are designed, as required, to support their emotional social behavioural, communication and educational needs; we place particular emphasis on ensuring the young people are stable before they can access the curriculum.

Prestwood admits girls and complex boys whose needs cannot be met at the Wendover Campus. This may include:

  • Severe and complex emotional, social and behaviour needs
  • Young people with communication and interaction difficulties, such as a diagnosis of ASD, who display very challenging behaviours
  • Young people who have been traumatised due to emotional neglect or physical abuse.

A placement panel, made up of Academy leaders and Local Authority representatives, make the admission decisions.

Our developing therapeutic multi-agency team is a spectacular innovation for the School. From Easter 2015 a dedicated team of professionals will offer a range of therapies and support packages that will advance the emotional health and wellbeing of our most complex young people.

The core team will include:


Educational Psychologist

Educational psychologists will assess the learning and emotional needs of our young people by observing them and consulting with multi-agency teams in order to advise on the best approaches and provisions to support learning and development. Additionally, they help, develop and support therapeutic and behaviour management programmes and design and develop courses for parents, teachers and others involved with the education of young people. 


Social Worker

Social workers will work with pupils on a variety of issues, providing a non-judgemental, caring and confidential environment for them to work through their problems and difficulties. They liaise and work with parents and families to ensure that the young person’s needs are being safely met and family issues addressed.


Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists will facilitate independence in self-care and organisational skills.  They will help to develop sensory processing and perception.


Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and language therapists will facilitate the effective use of language to enable students to learn and develop new communication skills.  In addition to this they will help develop social, communication and relationship skills.



Counsellors will help our young people explore feelings and emotions that are often related to their experiences, thereby allowing them to reflect on what is happening to them and consider alternative ways of doing things.

We will commission further professional support such as creative therapists as needs dictate.

The multi-agency professionals will use a multi-systemic approach and work closely with our education team, support staff and parents to ensure a consistent and successful approach.


Key Workers

Each young person will have a key worker; they will be their advocate, working closely with them across every area of school and home life.


Residential Provision

The Prestwood Campus has a new, modern, specialist residential provision for up to 11 young people. There are 5 bed spaces on the ground floor and 6 on the first floor, each offering ensuite facilities and high levels of comfort and privacy. There is a communal living space with modern kitchen and lounge facilities on each floor. Staff accommodation is based within the same building.

This luxury accommodation combined with high levels of specialist staffing gives our young people the opportunity to develop those essential independent living skills in a safe, secure and friendly environment. It is a huge asset to the school.


Post 16

We have a limited number of places that provide specialist provision at post 16 for those not ready for full time ‘mainstream education’. We aim to equip these young people with the tools necessary to allow them to integrate into college or the workplace. The school will make the decisions on admission. Post 16 is an important growth area for the academy.

Prestwood Campus
Nairdwood Lane,
HP16 0QQ
Tel: 01494 863514