A day in the life of a teacher

 John Twining

I’m teaching a class of KS4 Food Technology.

There are 4 students in the class and their needs range ASC, Dyslexia, ADHD and general disinterest.

However, teaching true differentiation a lesson can be engaging and dynamic. 

We do follow the FT curriculum loosely but there is a massive allowance and accommodation to be creative and have freedom to teach the topics in a wide range of styles. I’m able to use my personality to drive learning. 

If you can teach something 5 different ways there’s a high chance of getting the objective over to the students.

One of my students decided that food hygiene is not of any importance to him and a quick recap with a cartoon on bacteria is useful however, it takes him all of the lesson to process the dangers he put himself in.

My TA drives the first part of the lesson and we record the processes digitally to gauge progress. 

We conclude having made healthy chicken and salad wraps. The Health and Hygiene rules and regulations have been recalled and checked by the students and they all recognise the dangers of not following hygiene procedures. 


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